Rental Properties

The most common form of dampness is condensation

Landlord responsibilities

Building owners are responsible for providing a healthy workplace or living environment that is free of excess moisture and mould, by ensuring proper building construction and maintenance.

Tennant responsibilities

The occupants are responsible for managing the use of water, heating, ventilation and appliances in a manner that does not lead to dampness and mould growth.

How you can reduce condensation How we can help
  • Avoid drying cloths indoors.
  • Maintain good ventilation by using extractor fans. (opening windows is not always the best option)
  • Leave room for ventiltion behind furniture.
  • Maintain warm surfaces by keeping heating to a consistant level.
How we can help


  • Install extractor fans
  • Install heat recovery ventilators
  • Install passive ventilator
  • Install trickle vents
  • Improve sub floor ventilation
  • Improve heating

  • Upgrade existing radiators
  • Install underfloor heating
  • Improve thermal value of walls

  • Install structural water proof systems
  • Install insulation

The first steps to eradicate any potential damp issues that are affecting your home is to have a survey to diagnose the extent of any problems and also determine the best solution.

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